Keepass Pro - Securely saves your team's passwords in Microsoft Teams


Safe way to store and share passwords across teams within Microsoft Teams

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KeePass Pro is a Microsoft Teams application that securely saves your team’s passwords. The KeePass Pro app provides a safe way to store and share passwords across teams within Microsoft Teams.

It is helpful for teams and companies who share a limited number of software licenses, external accounts, WiFi Passwords, and more.

Upon the installation of KeePass Pro, you will be able to:

  1. Create a password vault in any of your Teams and channels.
  2. Add an unlimited number of shared passwords.
  3. Set a passwords' expiration date when necessary.
  4. Automatically generate alphanumeric ultra-secure passwords.
  5. Access, visualize and copy your passwords anytime, anywhere.

KeePass Pro protects your passwords using an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES / Rijndael) on 256 bits on top of Azure AD OAuth, a unique ID provided by Microsoft Teams.

Stop sending passwords by email and increase the security of the digital workplace!

Getting Started

Keepass Pro is an application for Microsoft Teams develop by Witivio.

The App is currently been validated by Microsoft. This process takes a couple of weeks. As soon as they validate it, it will be available on Appsource. Subscribe to the waiting list to and we will email you when it’s available.
KeePass Pro video product details
KeePass Pro for Microsoft Teams: store, create and share passwords with your team securily