Tiny but mighty Teams Apps, for better employee experience

TeamsPro is a suite of applications that improves employee experience in Microsoft Teams. Customize Microsoft Teams to your needs without any troubles. Easy. Secure. Affordable.

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In 2020, enabling remote work was enough. In 2021, it’s not. Welcome to the year of employee experience.

Digitalize or perish

Workplace digitalization is happening. Companies not adjusting will perish.

Going Hybrid

More than 63% of employees want to work hybrid or fully remote.

Employee First

Bad employee experience affects employees' performance and motivation.

The one-size-fits-all digital workplace approach hinders your business potential.

On top of that, developing and maintaining in-house apps can cost up to $100.000 per year.

TeamsPro Apps make working on Microsoft Teams easier. As simple as it sounds.

It is an affordable, secure and plug-and-play solution to customize Microsoft Teams at scale.

Planning and organization, communication, security, well-being, and more.

5 apps families

8 new apps yearly

100% validated by Microsoft

A suite that fits to all sort of organizations.

TeamsPro apps have been developed to make your day at work easy. Regardless of the size of your team.

70,000+ businesses from 56+ countries use TeamsPro apps. So, we’re pretty sure it’ll work for you too.