5 examples of how password management solutions help make your life easy

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June 24, 2022
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Do you forget your passwords often? Or don’t really remember where you stored them? Finding ways of sharing passwords with your team without them being compromised? The list is never ending, and the struggle is real. But hey! we are all together in this.

We can’t deny the fact that login and passwords are an integral and crucial part of the digital world we are living in. Managing them securely can be tiresome. But not when you have passwords management solutions.

Password management solutions are a go to, especially when you struggle to keep track of all your passwords and logins, generate strong passwords and most importantly keep them safe and secure. Now you must be wondering how? So here are some user experiences how password management solutions can help save the day!

Manage your complex passwords with super ease!

Yes, complex long passwords, which are created for the purpose of security, sometimes end up making things complicated for us. And one such example is Wi-Fi passwords.

complex Wi-Fi passwords

Remember moving into a new colocation or visiting a friend? You ask them for the Wi-Fi password but get a piece of paper with password written on it? And the next thing you know you are doing math of the time being consumed to type it character by character.

Well, this could have been easier if you have given the link to that Wi-Fi password from the password management solution. Copy and paste with a few clicks and we are connected.

Redeeming the refund for the cancelled flights

Due to Covid, I had to cancel flights for my approaching vacation. Fortunately, I got the refund, but travel plans where on hold for a longer period than expected. After the travel ban uplifted, I decided to check some places off my bucket list. It’s when I realize that I might have forgotten the login password to my booking application. Such a nightmare!

invalid password and login

But this is no longer the case. Now I can save the logins and passwords in my password management solution. No more password resetting and account verifications to delay your plans.

School project requires collaborative password sharing platform

Julia recalls an incident where they were working on creating a mockup for school project. A teammate created a shared login for the whole team. He shared it over the WhatsApp group for everyone to have access to it.

easy passwords sharing with team

Copying and pasting of logins and passwords from WhatsApp was easy. But tracing them down in the chat was not. Also, it was time consuming. Only if Julia and her team would her installed password management solution for e.g., KeePass Pro in their Microsoft Teams’ channel, they could have escaped the hassle. Smooth access with easy copy and paste option! Why not?

Crucial Online logins

One of the major reasons why you would never want to lose your login or password for online accounts or social media handles can be well explained with this incident. My favorite artists joined Instagram, and me being a dedicated fan, I rushed to follow their accounts. And when I realized I forget my login and password, the instant regret took over me.

girl resetting password

Resetting password took way much time but one thing I was sure of. Never ever I wish to face such a situation. And password management solution is the go-to remedy for such mini crisis.

Stay Safe from hackers and keyloggers

Online transactions can be a nightmare, just how they turned into one for my flat mate, Ria. She made an online purchase and the next thing she knew was that several transactions were made, and deductions were reflected in her account. She was clueless and panicking as it wasn’t her. But one thing was sure, that her online account was hacked.

girl saving her passwords

Keyloggers or hackers hack your system and using the sound of your keyboard, they can crack the code and passwords. Now you must be wondering how we can save ourselves from such attacks. The answer is password management solution! Yes, all you have to do is simply copy and paste your passwords, that too in encrypted form. Now Ria is cautious and uses password management solutions for her online accounts.

Create different passwords for different accounts

Yes, you read that right! Sounds tedious, but no it is not. We often use the same password for different accounts to skip manually creating strong passwords. And that’s what Alwin did. Little did he know the risks of compromise of all the accounts he was using.

Alwin wanted some prints and requested Tom, his colleagues to get them for him. He shared the password for his email account for such shared purposes. The mistake that Alwin did was that he used the same password for most of his accounts. Tom somehow figured this out and gained access to his other accounts and data. This was not just the breach of trust but breach of security of Alwin’s data too.

If only Alwin would have used password management solution to generate strong yet different password for other accounts, this would not have been the issue for him. Not only he would create multiple passwords but could have set expiration to them and stored them securely, that too without any hassle.

Many such uncountable incidents happen around us, with us or someone we know, who are facing similar struggles in their daily life. Password management solutions help us resolve those problems to make our lives smoother and carefree. It eliminates the constant fear or anxiety of coming across such issues with its solutions.

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