5 major reasons why it is important to use Password management solutions

reasons to use a password management solution
May 30, 2022
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Walking in the park, I spotted an abandoned bag on a bench. Wondering if someone lost it, I searched if I could find any identification clue of the person. But it seems it was robbed, and the sole item left behind was a notebook with “Mot de passe” which means passwords written on it.

Writing such a crucial amount of data in a notebook or post-it is definitely not a good idea. You lose it and, BOOM, now you don’t have access to your accounts, unless you remember them. But isn’t it what most of us do? Scribbling our logins and passwords and then losing that paper or forgetting where we noted them?

Then how can we manage our passwords?

Passwords are safes which helps us secure our important data and information stored in our various accounts. Hence, it is equally important to safeguard our passwords. And that’s possible with the help of password management solutions.

Why should we use password management solutions?

Let’s say you have 10 personal login password and 15 shared logins and passwords. Managing all these passwords, keeping them safe is a great responsibility. But how can you remember all of those, keep them safe and share without letting them slip into wrong hands?

Password management solutions are here to make your life easy. And the bonus part is that it comes with a lot of benefits. Due to intense technology adoption, the usage of online platforms has increased incredibly. It is important to protect your sensitive data from hackers.

1. You will never lose or forget a password

Well, we saw how losing your passwords can land you in trouble. Managing multiple accounts and remembering their logins and passwords is not an easy task. Okta shares that 81% of breaches are leveraged because of stolen passwords. Now you can save yourself from the hassle of forgetting your passwords by simply storing them in a password management system.

password compromised okta report

2. Your passwords will be secured

Compromised passwords can amount to great breach in crucial data and information and can incur you lose. Password management solutions provides encryption method to save your passwords from such breaches.

3. You won’t have to reuse or rack your brain to create a new ultra secure password

As per data shared on Statista, many American youngsters use the same password for their several accounts. Keeping one password for most of the platforms can backfire if it gets compromised. Password manager reduces the efforts and helps you generate strong yet random passwords. So, instead of using the same password on multiple platforms, you can effortlessly create new passwords.

statista Percentage of Americans using same passwords

4. Share your passwords and access to them securely

Have you struggled to share passwords with family, team or friends? Now no more writing your passwords on papers to share. Simply give them the access to your shared passwords without compromising with their security. This way you can also manage who can have access to them.

5. Multiple factor authentication = more protection

If you are wondering, why you would need that? Then I have the answer. Multiple factor authentication provides you that extra layer of security for your passwords and sensitive information. So even if a hacker breaks into the system, you would be notified and can take required action in the given time.

Now that we have moved our presence to digital platforms intensively, we would always require to keep our logins and passwords safe. But storing them, creating strong passwords, and ensuring they are secure can be overwhelming. Password management solutions are here to save the day! Not only do they help resolve the issue mentioned but they are pocket-friendly too. So, choose the one which meets your needs.

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