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Map Pro for Microsoft Teams
May 12, 2022
Map Pro

Many people see remote work as an incredible opportunity. And they are right to do so. No more rushing to the office in the morning. No more sitting in a room where there is always a lack of sunlight. Instead, you get to be flexible and choose your own location to work from. You also get at least an extra hour in the morning to sleep in. Your spouse, your kids, or your pets get to spend more time with you. Additionally, you save money on office attire, especially if you have a dress code. These are some of the advantages or remote work that make it very attractive to a lot of people.

Remote work: the other side of the coin

One can go on and on about different advantages of remote work. Unfortunately, there is always the other side of the coin. Some difficulties that we face in home office are the following:

  • The boundaries of the workday are blurred.

  • It can get difficult to completely distract yourself from household chores.

  • Boring routine of constantly staring at the computer screen.

  • Lack of visual representation and change of scenery.

In the office, everyone can agree, that at least a couple days a week the team would leave the cubicles and head to the conference room to brainstorm ideas or present something. In the remote workspace, this entire experience is blended with the rest of the calls and meetings, let alone the rest of the things that we deal with around the household. This way it just seems like you are dealing with a very monotonous schedule and repeating tasks.

Even fun tasks, such as planning where to have the next team meal, or organizing a press event, are now turned from a lively discussion to another bunch of Excel spreadsheets. Sounds boring, right?

Importance of visual representation

Who are visual learners?

A lot of people out there claim to be “visual learners”. People of this psychotype have a well-developed visual memory. What it means is that they perceive the world mainly in visual images, and they better digest information presented to them visually – in forms of an image or a video, a graph or a diagram, or a map.

How does visualization work?

Visualization helps us to perceive information more effectively. A few seconds are enough for a person to understand the meaning of a sign or advertising image. Same thing goes for maps – have you ever tried to explain someone a location of that cute coffee shop that you have discovered using words? You most likely either gave up and pulled up a map on your phone, unless the person you were talking to did that first.

Maps as a visual representation tool

“Oh, I know where it is!” – the words that we say or hear few seconds after the location has been pinpointed on a map. That’s because our brain already contains a lot of visual information, and together with the new information we receive, it’s easier to put it together and remember it for the future. For example, if a person realizes that that coffee shop is just two blocks away from their hairdresser. This alone proves the effectiveness of maps and visual representation as a whole.

Nowadays, it is difficult to do without the help of maps. In many situations, a person would remain helpless if it were not for these images with accurate landmarks. Maps as a visual representation tool are good for:

  • Navigating

  • Planning routes

  • Determining next actions

  • Inspiring a will to travel and learn about other countries

In addition, a map is a universal language that can be understood by a representative of any nationality.

Map Pro app for Microsoft Teams

Map Pro app for Microsoft Teams from Witivio is a simple tool that helps save locations and plan trips all in one place. It is a great solution for those who are tired of dealing with shared Word and Excel documents for keeping track of different addresses.

Maps in general are a good visual representation of data. During remote work, our eyes get really tired of all the numbers and spread sheets, whereas a map can simplify complicated or hard to explain with words information, such as distance between places or their exact location. Map Pro for Teams does just that – all without having to switch to a different application or open a map in the browser.

Most likely, working remotely is going to stay with us for a long time – and it’s time for us to adapt. Companies that have chosen a remote format and corporate mobility as their long-term strategy gain profit, reduce costs, and significantly increase the efficiency of business processes. Also, those companies that have closed their offices during the coronavirus outbreak may realize that they benefit from it– and no longer want to go back to the traditional business model.

In the fight against social stress caused by isolation from the team and the feeling of drowning in a bunch of text documents, better communication tools like Map Pro for Microsoft Teams will definitely help.

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