Why Microsoft Loop is your go to collaboration tool?

Microsoft Loop
July 27, 2022
Microsoft Loop

Collaborating with teammates is easier when in person, but digital workplaces make it a little tricky. In school, I would often send notes, ideas etc. through emails chats etc. to teammates, which eventually got lost amongst others. Consolidating all the data at one place would make our heads spin, especially when we had an approaching deadline.

Although we have a lot of online platforms, applications and other option which helps us collaborate with our team, Microsoft’s Loop is levelling up the game. Wondering how? Here you have answers to all your questions.

What is Loop?

Loop is a Microsoft application which helps you integrate portable and collaborative elements with a canvas overview within your Office 365 environment.

What does it offer me?

You can add and create files with your team on real time basis. You can tag others and see who made the changes. Now you can consolidate all your important notes and data and share with your team hassle free. You can use it a s project management tool or simply to bring all the ideas at one place.

With user friendly interface, you can now manage all your tasks and mentions.

How can I install it?

It is super easy. Just open the chat with the desired members of team, then go to the tool bar and choose the Loop icon (third from the left). You can choose the components from the list.

Microsoft Loop

What are its key elements?

Loop has three major yet crucial elements namely


Loop has several components like tables, paragraphs, lists etc. which you can integrate into Microsoft ecosystem. Loop components makes it easier to share and collaborate for any project.


Pages is the canvas overview where you can see all your components added. You can customise its size. It helps you keep track of the projects and enables team to introduce changes to the components.


Workspaces is your place where you can find all your Loop components with the Navigation panel at the right. You can get to know who is working on what, share data and information on real time basis. Plus, every time someone mentions you; you get a notification through your workspace navigation panel.

What are the benefits

Increases Productivity

It saves the time of your team and helps them work efficiently as it improvises their digital workplace experience.

Boosts teamwork

Collaboration is made easier with the integration of all platforms at the single place.

Helps track the progress

You can keep a check on the progress of the tasks as the data in components get updated on real time basis.

Why do we prefer Loop over Notion?

You can compile all the information at one place. You can collaborate with your team from anywhere. The teammates can make changes to the added components from Outlook email, One Note, Word document, Excel or Power Point or Teams chat. Changes made will be reflected on real time basis.

No more migration to different applications as you get all the data at a single place. You can get access it from your Outlook or Teams application, rather than installing a completely new applications and switching tabs. Simply log in to Teams with your credentials and you are all set to use Loop escaping all the installation and set-up hassle.

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